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Posted by Ashlea Burns on November 5, 2013 at 9:30 PM
As I sit and write the words I want to say 
I keep thinking back to that very day
The day in which we first met
The day that my destiny was set

I was meant to be with you
And I hope you feel the same way too
You make my world go round 
Forever with you my heart is bound 
Not knowing where things will go
We have forever so lets take it slow

The heart is like a puzzle don't you see
You are the missing piece that makes the whole me
For without you in my heart
My world would fall apart

You are the one who makes me smile
You make everything seem ok for awhile
I need you to hold me tight
Keep me safe day and night 
I love you so very much
I long for you and your touch

We will be together no matter what
I feel it deep within my gut
I don't want anyone other than you
I love you and you love me too

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